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ACR Electronics is the world leader in the field of emergency locator devices. Formed in 1956, ACR Electronics have been credited with saving thousands of lives around the world.

The thousands of lives saved even includes the crew of Apollo 13 in 1970.

ACR Electronics design and manufacture devices knowing that they will be capable of saving lives.

The four main customer markets for ACR Electronics are Marine, Outdoor, Military and Aviation.

Marine - ACR Electronics have designed and manufactured a full range of EPIRBs (emergency position indicating radio beacons), PLBs (personal locator beacons), VHF emergency radios, man overboard lights, search lights, strobe lights, AIS (automatic identification system), SART (search and rescue transponders) and emergency life jackets.

Outdoor - The Firefly Plus strobe/flashlight combination plus other emergency lights have been launched by ACR Electronics for land-based outdoor enthusiasts. ACR Electronics is also the world leader in 406 MHz personal locator beacons.

Military - A countless number of lives have been saved in military operations thanks to ACR Electronics. Standard kit for combat troops include ACR's survival beacons, VHF handheld radios and Firefly emergency pocket strobes.

Aviation - Passenger life vest lights in most of the world's commercial airlines are built by ACR Electronics. As well as this, ACR Electronics supply emergency cabin crew megaphones and ELTs (emergency transmitters) which help search and rescue teams in the hunt for downed aircraft and their survivors.

AquaLink GPS Personal Locator Beacon

C-Light & C-Strobe Emergency Signaling

FireFly (Firefly 3, Firefly 3 Waterbug & Firefly 2 DoubleFly)

Firefly Plus Emergency Strobe and Flashlight

GlobalFix PRO Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

HemiLight 2 Survivor Light

L8-3 & L8-4 Water Activated Personal Rescue Lights

Nauticast Receive Only AIS

ResQLink GPS Personal Locator Beacon

Satellite3 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

SM-2 Marker Light

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