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Lightning & Surges Protection

Furse Index

W.J. Furse & Co Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of earthing and lightning protection systems and has a proven track record spanning over one hundred years.

To stay in business for 100 years is truly a great achievement, but to do it in a century that has seen such unprecedented social and technological change is almost a miracle. Yet through all that the century could throw at it, including two world wars, Furse has remained a constant force in an unpredictable world.

Experience gained on a range of projects - from stock exchanges to schools, royal palaces to oil refineries.

Earthing & Lightning Protection

Electronic Systems Protection (ESP Range)


Ty-Met Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Archive Information

Archive Furse Information

AN Wallis
AN Wallis Index

AN Wallis is one of the world's leading manufacturers of earthing, lighting protection, exothermic welding and surge protection equipment.

Established in 1946, AN Wallis are based in Nottingham, UK and have distributed equipment all over the globe.

Some notable locations that AN Wallis have provided lighting protection for include the Grand Prix Circuit in Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest Women’s University in Saudi Arabia and Petrochemical Projects in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Oman.

These locations, along with many others, all have AN Wallis products fitted to them, providing lifelong protection.

AN Wallis confirms to the new BS EN62305, design of Earthing systems to BS 7430 and Local Codes of practice, Soil Resistivity Tests & Reports, Earth Resistance Tests & Reports, Inspection and supervision on sites for installation of LPS. The products are tested to and in compliance with BS EN 50164 (BSEN62305) Lightning Protection & Earthing and BS7430 Earthing. Also, Wallis are accredited with BSI ISO9001: 2008.

The product range continues to grow which includes copper tape conductors, earth bars, copper earth plates, DC fixings clips, earth rods produced from solid copper, copper bond and stainless steel. Air terminals, earth rod clamps, inspection pits concrete and heavy duty polymer, earth rod seals, low resistance soil conditioning agents and CU-NNECT exothermic welding products.


Lightning Protection


Fasteners & Fixings

Exothermic Welding

Kingsmill Industries are a leading manufacturer of earthing and lightning protection equipment around the world.

You can be assured that all Kingsmill Industries products meet the stringent standards, set by the British and also internationally, such as BS6651, BS7430 and UL467. Plus, Kingsmill Industries has achieved the UK government's ISO9002 National Accreditation, which recognises the high quality of the management and products of Kingsmill Industries.

Products that can be found in the Kingsmill Industries range include earthing soil conditioning agents, inspection puts, earthing plates, earth rod clamps, earth points, earth bars, clips, clamps, junction clamps, air termination, static control and many more.

Air Termination

Bonded Connections


Compression Connectors

Conductor Network


Earth Bars


Earthing Plates & Mats

Earth Points

Earth Rod Clamps

Earth Rod Seals

Fasteners & Fixings

Inspection Pits

Lightning Protection Accessories

Soil Conditioning Agent

Static Connections

Bowthorpe Index

Bowthorpe EMP is a manufacturer of surge protectors for Mains Power, Voice and Data Systems and High Voltage surge arresters.

An extensive range of products is available to meet demanding applications and diverse power and communications systems environments worldwide.

Surge Protection (Low Voltage)

Small/Home Office Surge Protectors
Professional Grade Surge Protectors
Distribution Surge Protector (600 Range)
Distribution Surge Protector (6651C Range)
Modular Distribution Surge Protectors (MDSP Range)
Plug-in Surge Protection (SPM Range)
RTM Series SSI Power Supply Lightning Protection

Surge Counters

Surge Counter (SC14)
Surge Counters (SC12 & SC13)

Dehn & Sohne Index

Commerce trade and industry, national and local institutions, and the private household as well depend to an ever increasing extent on electronic equipment and information technology systems.

Failures of such highly sensitive systems are frequently caused by electrostatic discharges, switching overvoltages or overvoltages due to lightning strikes. Damage caused, in particular, by thunderstorm overvoltages have shown in the past years that electronic systems are at risk through electromagnetic fields and line-fed overvoltages at a distance of up to 1.5km from the point of the lightning strike.

Surge Arresters & Isolating Spark Gaps

DEHNcord Type 2 Surge Arresters
DEHNguard Modular Single-Pole Surge Arrester for D.C. Applications
DEHNpatch Arrester for Data Networks and Ethernet Applications
DEHNshield Multipole Combined Lightning Current And Surge Arresters - BUY ONLINE

DEHNventil Multipole Modular Combined Lightning Current And Surge Arresters
DSP Mains Connection Boxes
DSP SH Mains Connection Boxes - BUY ONLINE
EXFS 100 / EXFS 100 KU Isolating Spark Gaps
EXFS L / EXFS 100 Isolating Spark Gaps
TFS / KFSU Isolating Spark Gaps

Safety Equipment

PHE III Voltage Detectors
PHE Voltage Detector
ASP Non-Contact Voltage Detector
HSA 205 High-Voltage Indicator
PHG II Voltage Detector
PHE/G d.c. Voltage Detector
PHV Two-pole Phase Comparator
PHV I Single-pole Phase Comparator
DEHNcap Voltage Detecting Systems
IS STK Insulating Stick Kit with Silicon Rubber Insulator
IS STK Insulating Stick Kit
IS Insulating Sticks with Silicon Rubber Insulator
IS Insulating Sticks
SCS Switching Sticks with Silicon Rubber Insulator
Equipment for Voltages up to 1000 V
Single-pole Earthing and Discharge Devices


Air-termination Rods
Pipe Clamps For Hazardous Areas

Live Working

Cleaning Equipment
Protective and Auxiliary Equipment

Safety Equipment for Electric Railway

Voltage Detectors
Insulating Stick Kit
SDS Voltage Limiting Device

PD Devices
PD Devices Index

PD Devices have over 40 years of experience as a manufacturer of surge arrester elements.

Over the duration of the company, the product range has regularly expanded and PD Devices now manufacture Surge Protection Components, Arresters and Modules for many diverse applications in numerous industries. These industries include Buildings & Construction, Transport, Electrical Generation, Office & Home and Defence & Security.

PD Devices' involvement in these different industries has led to the growth of a worldwide customer base, with products being sent all across the globe.

Based in South Brent, Devon, UK, PD Devices are the only MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) manufacturer in the UK.

All of the products PD Devices manufacture are RoHS Compliant and we are WEEE registered. The Design, Manufacturing & Quality Assurance Systems introduced by PD Devices also meet ISO 9001-2008. In addition to this, PD Devices also manufacture products to meet National & International Standards & Recognitions including UL, CEE, BS, IEC.

Please see below our Surge Protective Devices (SPD’s) Selection Flow Chart.

Surge Protective Devices (SPD’s) Selection Flow Chart

Distribution Surge Protector 600 Series (L and N Types)

LVA415-5 Low Voltage Arrester

PDLV Low Voltage Surge Arresters

T1SP3 Type I Class I Surge Arresters

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