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PD Devices have over 40 years of experience as a manufacturer of surge arrester elements.

Over the duration of the company, the product range has regularly expanded and PD Devices now manufacture Surge Protection Components, Arresters and Modules for many diverse applications in numerous industries. These industries include Buildings & Construction, Transport, Electrical Generation, Office & Home and Defence & Security.

PD Devices' involvement in these different industries has led to the growth of a worldwide customer base, with products being sent all across the globe.

Based in South Brent, Devon, UK, PD Devices are the only MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) manufacturer in the UK.

All of the products PD Devices manufacture are RoHS Compliant and we are WEEE registered. The Design, Manufacturing & Quality Assurance Systems introduced by PD Devices also meet ISO 9001-2008. In addition to this, PD Devices also manufacture products to meet National & International Standards & Recognitions including UL, CEE, BS, IEC.

Please see below our Surge Protective Devices (SPD’s) Selection Flow Chart.

Surge Protective Devices (SPD’s) Selection Flow Chart

Distribution Surge Protector 600 Series (L and N Types)

LVA415-5 Low Voltage Arrester

PDLV Low Voltage Surge Arresters

T1SP3 Type I Class I Surge Arresters

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