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MSA Safety Index

With over 110 years in providing Safety solutions MSA Europe a member of the worldwide MSA group is the epitome for reliability and trust.

Where Safety is paramount MSA offers Total Support.

From the early days of providing respiratory protection, MSA has grown to be a leader in the use of modern technologies to offer a comprehensive range of products which can offer simple to high-tech solutions for the protection of plant and personnel.

Today MSA provides a Total Solution approach to the following:

  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  Respiratory Protection
  Head, Body and Face Protection
  Eye and Hearing Protection
  Fire Fighting and Rescue
  Gas Measuring Technologies Leak Detection

Evolution 5000 Series Thermal Imaging System

Evolution 6000 Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Testo Index

Testo is the world's leading manufacturer in the production of test and measurement instrumentation.

With years of experience, Testo develops solutions for a wide range of applications that require measurement. The endless number of solutions provided has gained more and more customers each and every year, who all benefit from the Testo range.

Testo provides a wide range of portable and stationary instruments for many parameters and applications including; temperature, humidity, velocity, pressure, refrigeration, flue gas, water analysis, light and RPM.

Thermal Imaging

875 and 875i Thermal Imagers
876 Thermal Imager
882 Thermal Imager
885 Thermal Imager
890 Thermal Imager


880 Thermal Imager
881 Thermal Imager

Firefighting is a highly specialised field which requires high quality equipment. ISG Infrasys is one of the world's top designers and manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras (TICs) for the very purpose of firefighting.

Over twenty years of research, design and development have made ISG Infrasys the world's leading brand in this area and the company has built some of the most advanced and high specification thermal imaging cameras ever built.

ISG Infrasys was originally known as ISG Thermal Systems Ltd when it was founded in 1991 by Charles Humpoletz and Alistair Watson. These two individuals are thermal imaging pioneers who specialise in firefighting.

In 2011, ISG merged with a company from the USA, Infrasys, who are America's leading supplier of thermal imaging cameras to the firefighting industry. The merger of the two companies resulted in the new company name of ISG Infrasys. The collective knowledge and experience of both companies, along with its global presence, has ensured that ISG Infrasys is recognised as the world's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of thermal imaging equipment.

X380 3-Button Thermal Imaging Camera

X380 NFPA Compliant 3-Button Thermal Imaging Camera

X380 5-Button Thermal Imaging Camera

Eurotron Index

For Eurotron, the term "quality" is a concept with precise concrete values, which apply to all aspects of the company's business.

Eurotron is also highly committed to market relations. In fact it offers its exclusive sector know-how, gives advice in order to optimize application choices, provides complete detailed documentation on every subject regarding its expert fields, and organizes training and refresher courses for its customers' technician.

ITc Series Thermal Imager

ITc35 Series Thermal Imager

Sabre Safety Index

Sabre Safety is a comprehensive range of Breathing Apparatus and Safety Equipment. The first model offerings in the range came into being in 1945 and were originally targeted at the fire service.

Sabre Safety was known previously as M S Protector Technologies Ltd. Today, the Sabre Safety range is recognised worldwide and is used by all major companies in the oil and gas sector, as well as affiliates in refining and utility. These instruments protect thousands of individuals each and every day from environmental hazards including toxic fumes, smoke, combustible gases, flame contaminants and falling objects.

Models in the current Sabre Safety range include Sigma, Contour, Elsa and Flite. Full array of equipment with specifications is detailed on right hand side.

Please contact us for pricing enquires.

Eagle Attack Thermal Imaging Camera

Eagle Imager 320 Thermal Imaging Camera

Drager Safety Index

No company springs to mind when talking about safety equipment more than Drager Safety. A market leader in many different specialist areas, Drager Safety have produced products such as gas detection analysers, safety masks and emergency escape equipment.

Drager Safety have designed and manufactured safety equipment using the latest state-of-the-art technology and taking onboard the ever changing requirements of customers. The countless list of Drager Safety products have led to a large number of patents being taken out since the turn of the 1900s.

The main aim of Drager's products are to make the dangerous world we live in, safer. In many different job types, there are a countless number of unforeseen dangers that pose a very real threat to the health and safety of workers. Whether it be the prior warning of dangerous gases or the assistance needed to keep you breathing during a fire, there is a Drager Safety product which is suitable for you.

Despite the numerous changes in all types of industry over the years, Drager Safety has maintained it's product range and it's position as the number one safety company worldwide.


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