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Key points of Eurotron's business activities include the constant investment in research of state-of-the-art technology, quality in every aspect and product specialisation.

Eurotron was founded in 1980 and grew quickly to become a key manufacturer of calibrators, infrared thermometers and combustion gas analysers.

The head office of Eurotron is located in Sesto S. Giovanni, just outside Milan (Italy).

Working to the ISO9001 quality requirements, Eurotron's company structure is designed to make its business dynamic, constantly implementing technical and scientific knowledge into the product range.

At Keison Products, we supply some of Eurotron's key products for combustion gas applications, namely the GreenLine, EcoLine and Rasi ranges. We also supply the ITc Series Thermal Imagers.

Boiler/Flue Gas Analysers

GreenLine 8000/EcoLine 6000

Rasi 200

Rasi 300C

Rasi 400

Rasi 700

Rasi 900 and Rasi 901


Rasi 700 Bio

Thermal Imagers

ITc Series Thermal Imager

ITc35 Series Thermal Imager


Automation IR Thermometers

MiniRay Infrared Thermometer

Process IR Thermometers

IRtec Pro 880

IRtec Pro 1100, 1330 & 2200


EcoLine 4000

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