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With over 110 years in providing Safety solutions MSA Europe a member of the worldwide MSA group is the epitome for reliability and trust.

Where safety is paramount MSA Safety offers Total Support.

From the early days of providing respiratory protection, MSA Safety has grown to be a leader in the use of modern technologies to offer a comprehensive range of products which can offer simple to high-tech solutions for the protection of plant and personnel.

Today MSA Safety provides a Total Solution approach to the following:

  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  Respiratory Protection
  Head, Body and Face Protection
  Eye and Hearing Protection
  Fire Fighting and Rescue
  Gas Measuring Technologies Leak Detection

With experience gained over many years and technology led products MSA Safety have set milestones in providing Safety products to leading International organisations in many major markets:

  Petrochemical & Offshore
  Water Treatment
  Fire & Rescue
  Government Agencies

Established in the UK in 1947, MSA Safety is a leader in the Safety and Gas Detection field with a large portfolio of prestigious clients in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Our extensive product range includes one of the widest selections of Personal Protective Equipment and Gas/Fire Detection Systems available, designed for use in a variety of industries and applications.

Our UK operation is a dedicated Sales & Service organisation dedicated to delivering the very high levels of quality and service that you have come to expect from MSA Safety. Quality is a key aspect of any product but none more so than those which are used to protect lives and property.

MSA (Britain) Ltd is certified to the highest standard BS EN ISO 9001 1994 (Certificate No: 922824/A).

Breathing Devices

Air-Purifying Respirators
Breathing Apparatus
Supplied Air Respirators
Air Compressors
Escape Devices

Safety Wear

Head Protection
Ear Protection
Eye Protection
Protective Clothing
Fall Protection

Gas Analysers

Single-Gas Detectors
Multi-Gas Detectors
Detector Tubes & Pumps
Testing & Calibration
Fixed Gas Detectors
Fixed Flame Detectors
Fixed Controllers

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Air-Purifying Respirators

3S Full Face Mask
3S Basic Plus Full Face Mask
Advantage 200 LS Half Mask
Advantage 400 Half Mask
Advantage 3000 Full Face Mask
Affinity FR Disposable Masks
Affinity Plus Disposable Masks
Filter Self-Rescuers W 65-2, W 65 & W 95
OptimAir 3000 Full Face Mask
Respiratory Filters Guide
Ultra Elite Full Face Mask

Breathing Apparatus

AirGo Compact Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
AirGo Pro Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
AirMaXX Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
AirXpress Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Supplied Air Respirators

AirElite 4h Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
AirFlo-Lite Airline Breathing Apparatus
Compressed Airline Breathing Apparatus
Demi LDA Hood
MicroMaXX Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
S 15 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
SAR 30L Self-Contained Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus
SavOx Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuer
SavOxCap 60 Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuer
SSR 90 (K 60) Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuer
SSR 30/100 Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuer
Turbo-Flo Fresh Air-Supply System

Safety Air Compressors

High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors

Escape Devices

Escape Respirators
PremAire Combination Airline Escape Respirator
PremAire Escape Compressed Air Emergency Escape Breathing Device
S-Cap-Air Compressed Air Escape Device
RespiHood Escape Hood

Head Protection

F1 SA Fire Helmet
F1 SF Fire Helmet
F1 S and F1 E Fire Helmet
F2 X-Trem Fire Helmet
Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet
V-Gard Safety Helmets

Ear Protection

Electronic Ear Muffs
Passive Ear Muffs
Passive Ear Plugs

Eye Protection

Perspecta Non-Corrective Spectacles
Protective Goggles

Protective Clothing

Champion Elite Gastight Chemical Suit
Oil-Resistant Protective Suit
Plastiklos Reusable Suit
Protective Suit
Vautex Elite ET Gastight Chemical Suit
Vautex Elite M Gastight Chemical Suit
Vautex Elite S Gastight Chemical Suit
Vautex Elite S-L Gastight Chemical Suit
Working Gloves

Fall Protection

AlphaFP Fall Protection Harness for SCBA
Workman Fall Protection Range

Single-Gas Detectors

Altair Single-Gas Detector
Ex-Meter II Single-Gas Combustible Detector

Multi-Gas Detectors

Altair 2x Multi-Gas Detector
Altair 4x Multi-Gas Detector
Altair 5x Multi-Gas Detector
Sirius Multi-Gas Detector

Detector Tubes & Pumps

Altair Pump Probe
Detector Tubes
Escort ELF Sampling Pump
Gas-Tester II H
Kwik-Draw Pump
Toximeter II Pump

Testing & Calibration

Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System
Galaxy Fully Automated Calibration & Test System
Altair Quick Check

Fixed Gas Detectors

Chemgard Photoacoustic Infrared Gas Monitor Series
Chillgard RT Refrigerant Monitor
PrimaX Gas Transmitter
PrimaX IR Gas Transmitter
Series 47K Gas Sensor
Ultima MOS-5 Gas Sensor
Ultima MOS-5E Gas Sensor
Ultima OPIR-5 Open Path Infrared Detector
Ultima X Series Gas Monitors
Ultima XL/XT Series Gas Monitors
UltraSonic IS-5 Gas Leak Detector

Fixed Flame Detectors

FlameGard 5 MSIR
FlameGard 5 UV/IR & UV/IR-H2
FlameGard 5 UV/IR-E

Fixed Controllers

9010/9020 Controller
GasGard XL Controller
SUPREMAtouch Controller

Thermal Imaging

Evolution 5000 Series Thermal Imaging System
Evolution 6000 Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Obsolete Products

Altair 4 Multi-Gas Detector
Altair 5 Multi-Gas Detector
Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector
BD Mini Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Cavair LDA Hood
Comfo Half Mask
Fuego Fire Helmet
Lynx Confined Space Equipment
MASS Trolley System
ORIONplus Multi-Gas Detector
Passport Five Star Monitor (No Details)
PortAire & TransportAire Portable Air-Supply Systems
Solaris Multi-Gas Detector
Tankscope II Multi-Gas Detector
Titan Single-Gas Combustible Detector

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