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Commerce trade and industry, national and local institutions, and the private household as well depend to an ever increasing extent on electronic equipment and information technology systems.

Failures of such highly sensitive systems are frequently caused by electrostatic discharges, switching overvoltages or overvoltages due to lightning strikes. Damage caused, in particular, by thunderstorm overvoltages have shown in the past years that electronic systems are at risk through electromagnetic fields and line-fed overvoltages at a distance of up to 1.5km from the point of the lightning strike.


At first there was the idea of diverting lightning to the ground without endangering home or people. This was the challenge, Hans Dehn met in his company founded in Nuremberg in 1910. Since the beginning of the 1920s DEHN has produced lightning protection and earthing components. Over the years, a diversified product range for external lightning protection came into existence.

However, not only protecting systems and buildings against the effects of lightning, but also the protection of people installing and maintaining electrical systems became a central requirement.

In 1952, DEHN & SOHNE amplified their product range by safety equipment for working in electrical installations. The entering of electrical and electronic equipment in industries, administrations and households showed soon, that conventional lightning protection was not sufficient to protect these devices. With the experience of decades in the field of external lightning protection, the necessity of surge protection came up. Therefore, the first generation of surge protective devices (SPDs) of DEHN & SOHNE was introduced to the market in 1954.

Today, DEHN & SOHNE produce more than 3,500 devices and components for your safety.

DEHN & SOHNE is a worldwide recognised and leading family owned company.

Surge Arresters & Isolating Spark Gaps

DEHNcord Type 2 Surge Arresters
DEHNguard Modular Single-Pole Surge Arrester for D.C. Applications
DEHNpatch Arrester for Data Networks and Ethernet Applications
DEHNshield Multipole Combined Lightning Current And Surge Arresters - BUY ONLINE

DEHNventil Multipole Modular Combined Lightning Current And Surge Arresters
DSP Mains Connection Boxes
DSP SH Mains Connection Boxes - BUY ONLINE
EXFS 100 / EXFS 100 KU Isolating Spark Gaps
EXFS L / EXFS 100 Isolating Spark Gaps
TFS / KFSU Isolating Spark Gaps

Safety Equipment

PHE III Voltage Detectors
PHE Voltage Detector
ASP Non-Contact Voltage Detector
HSA 205 High-Voltage Indicator
PHG II Voltage Detector
PHE/G d.c. Voltage Detector
PHV Two-pole Phase Comparator
PHV I Single-pole Phase Comparator
DEHNcap Voltage Detecting Systems
IS STK Insulating Stick Kit with Silicon Rubber Insulator
IS STK Insulating Stick Kit
IS Insulating Sticks with Silicon Rubber Insulator
IS Insulating Sticks
SCS Switching Sticks with Silicon Rubber Insulator
Equipment for Voltages up to 1000 V
Single-pole Earthing and Discharge Devices


Air-termination Rods
Pipe Clamps For Hazardous Areas

Live Working

Cleaning Equipment
Protective and Auxiliary Equipment

Safety Equipment for Electric Railway

Voltage Detectors
Insulating Stick Kit
SDS Voltage Limiting Device

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