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Carbolite Furnaces, Ovens and Incubators

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A company based in the United Kingdom, the name of Carbolite has become synonymous with the manufacturer top specification laboratory, chamber and tube furnaces, as well as a wide range of ovens and incubators. The success of Carbolite is not limited to the United Kingdom, Carbolite products have been sold all over the world.

Applications in both laboratory and industry can be met using Carbolite furnaces and ovens. Tube furnaces built by Carbolite boast a wide array of different options including the furnace being horizontal or vertical, split or rotating and also single or multi zone. There is a wide choice of tube heated lengths and tube diameters to choose from.

Many different sizes of box and chamber furnaces can be purchased. The wide choice of different models includes high temperature, ashing/calcining, coal and coke analysis and the evaluation of precious metals (also known as cupellation/fire assay).

The Carbolite ovens for industry include not only batch, but also continuous type ovens. Examples of this include the aluminum solution ovens, air recirculating chamber ovens and bogie hearth ovens.

The quality of furnaces and ovens built by Carbolite have become the benchmark against which heat treatment equipment is measured. This has resulted in Carbolite earning a fantastic worldwide reputation.


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