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Based in the USA, Defibtech are the world's leading innovator of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

As graduates of the Yale University, Defibtech's two founders have extensive experience in medical device design, having founded other high-tech organisations. When Defibtech was founded, the sole aim was to relentlessly pursue the design, creation and manufacture of the best AEDs in the world.

Defibtech's engineers have an incredible level of experience in medical device design, including the design of arrhythmia detection algorithms, ultrasound imaging equipment, filmless x-ray systems, blood flow monitors, trans-telephonic defibrillators), implantable and invasive medical devices (e.g., heart valves, catheters), military technology (e.g., rocket ultrasound inspection systems), consumer products (e.g., high-end audio equipment, consumer phones, professional video graphics equipment), and commercial products (e.g., phone company central office electronics, ultra-high speed image processing systems).

The commitment remains today from Defibtech to develop exceptional real-world AED products at affordable prices.

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