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Geotechnical Instruments was founded in 1976, to design, develop and manufacture instrumentation systems to meet the growing needs of the Civil Engineering industry. The company's core products form a wide range of instrumentation aimed specifically at the Geotechnical section of the civil engineering market. Keison Products now offer a vast range of such specialist instrumentation which can measure almost every Geotechnical parameter imaginable.

The GA series of gas analysers is now the accepted industry standard for landfill gas monitoring.

Geotechnical Instruments have become experts at the art of measuring landfill gas composition accurately and have a vast amount of knowledge in this market area.


The industry standard GA 2000 by Geotechnical Instruments is designed to meet landfill monitoring protocols set by Government legislation.

Utilised with dedicated software, the GA 2000 becomes an extremely powerful detection monitoring and change indicator tool.

GA2000 Plus

The GA2000 Plus by Geotechnical Instruments utilises new technology to give more reliable readings for Carbon Monoxide (CO) helping determine the presence of fires on landfill.

It incorporates all the existing technology and features of the industry standard GA2000, plus it has MCERTS approval.

Biogas Check

Designed to meet biogas project requirements this simple to operate analyser is the ideal field instrument for anaerobic digester gas analysis.

Easy to use and portable, the biogas check measures gas composition with repeatable accuracy on farms food processing plants and waste water treatment facilities.


The GEM 2000 has been designed for gas extraction systems, flares and migration control systems.

This unit allows standard landfill monitoring and, in the GEM mode, can display calorific gas content of a gas extraction system. Ideal for maximising extraction efficiency and quality for waste to energy systems.

GEM2000 Plus

The GEM2000 Plus by Geotechnical Instruments is designed to monitor landfill gas extraction systems.

Utilising new technology the GEM2000 Plus gives increased reliability for Carbon Monoxide (CO) readings. It retains the features of the field proven GEM2000.

Phoenix Landfill Temperature Profiler

The "Phoenix" is designed for landfill borehole temperature profiling.

Its technology can withstand temperatures in excess of 250degC. The tape has 1m crimped graduations making it an ideal tool to assist in the identification and location of subterranean fires.

Landfill Analysers

GA5000 Portable Landfill Gas Analyser

GEM5000 Portable Gas Extraction Monitor

Biogas 5000 Portable Biogas Analyser

Medical Gas



Indoor Air Quality


Incubator Analysis


Obsolete Analysers

GA25 / GA45 / GA45 Plus / GA94 / GA2000 / GA2000 Plus / Biogas Check / GEM 2000 / GEM 2000 Plus

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