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Gigahertz Solutions is a German manufacturer of high and low frequency RF devices.

High Frequency - The Gigahertz Solutions high frequency devices are designed for the evaluation of high frequency radiation from 27 MHz to 6 GHz (to be amplified to 3 Mhz - 10 GHz in 2010), a range comprising frequencies from radio and TV (digital as well as analogue), TETRA (digital public safety networks), Microwave Radio Relay, GSM mobile radio, radar, DECT cordless telephones, UMTS mobile radio, Wi-Fi, WLAN, microwave ovens, WiMAX.

Low Frequency - The Gigahertz Solutions low frequency products are designed for the measurement of low frequency alternating magnetic and electric fields caused, for instance, by the domestic mains supply and the devices connected to it, by switches and lights, by high-voltage lines, transformer stations and traction power.

Demand switches ("mains supply interrupters") - The VDE-mark for approved and certified security (VDE = German Association of Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) has been awarded for the first time ever to the demand switches of the Gigahertz Solutions NA-comfort series. In addition to this, the devices are additionally equipped with a patented energy-saving circuitry.

High Frequency

RF-Analyser HF32D
RF-Analyser HF35C
RF-Analyser HF38B
RF-Analyser HF58B
RF-Analyser HF58B-R
RF-Analyser HF59B
RF-Analyser HFW35C

Low Frequency

Low Frequency Analyser ME3030B
Low Frequency Analyser ME3830B
Low Frequency Analyser ME3840B
Low Frequency Analyser ME3851A
Low Frequency Analyser ME3951A
3D NF Analysers NFA-SERIES

Electro Smog Measuring Kits

Electro Smog Measuring Kit MK10
Electro Smog Measuring Kit MK20
Electro Smog Measuring Kit MK30
Electro Smog 3D Measuring Kit MK60-3D
Electro Smog 3D Measuring Kit MK70-3D

Demand Switches

Demand Switch NA7

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