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Glenammer's extensive range of test sieves and sieve shakers are distributed around the globe, all from a manufacturing base in Scotland. Glenammer products are recognised internationally as being of the highest possible standard and quality, while also being the best value sieves that money can buy.

Many diverse industry sectors purchase their test sieves from Glenammer including laboratories, test environments and universities, where the most precise and accurate standards are an essential part of their operations.

The customer base of Glenammer is an enviable one, with customers including multi-nationals, leading research companies and many private companies.

The core Glenammer product range includes Woven Wire Test Sieves, Perforated Plate Test Sieves, Lids and Receivers, Grid Sieves, Cereal Sieves and Sieve Shakers.

Glenammer Woven Wire Sieves

Perforated Plate Sieves

Grid Sieves

Cereal Sieves

Sieve Shakers

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