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Hawker Electronics

Hawker Electronics is a UK manufacturer of products for the applications of level control, liquid indication and free flowing powders.

The company was founded in 1964. Since then, Hawker Electronics has become a well known brand in the industry, supplying to a very diverse customer base. One of the biggest customer areas is within the water and waste water sector. Other main customer bases include chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, paper, marine, food, bulk handling and many others.

Eager to operate a well-ran company, Hawker Electronics are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 credited.

Hawker Electronics products are manufactured in Birmingham, United Kingdom and are mostly available on an ex stock or short delivery time.

The various systems used throughout the Hawker Electronics range include:

  Control & Power

Conductivity Level Probes and Controllers

P4 Plug in Level Controller for Panel Mounting
DC1P Conductivity Level Control
P7 IS ATEX Approved Controller
AC1 Level Control

Electrode Holders

E14 Light Duty Multi-Electrode Holder
E13A Multi-Electrode Holder
HPE8 Heavy Duty
HPE7 Light Duty
E4 and E5 Borehole Electrodes

Point Capacitance

LS1 Magicap Point Level Probe




990 Signal Processor
Flexilevel 2

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