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Horiba is a group of worldwide companies that together provide an extensive range of instruments and systems for many diverse applications such as automotive R&D;, environmental monitoring, process monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics and many more. Proven quality and reliable performance have enabled Horiba to reach established levels of customer confidence.

With a main aim of producing products for the health, safety and environment markets, Horiba have a unique motto of "Joy and Fun" used as inspiration to staff and customers alike.

Horiba can trace its beginnings back to 1945, when Masao Horiba, a student at Kyoto University, set up the Horiba radio laboratory in Karasuma-Gojo in Kyoto in order to continue nuclear physics research interrupted by Japanís defeat in the war. The Horiba radio laboratory built the capacitor needed for the high-speed calculator (computer in todayís terms) for nuclear physics experiments. This capacitor became renowned for its functions and quality, and Horiba decided to start manufacturing it commercially.

Eight years later in 1953, Horiba Ltd was established and took its first steps as a manufacturer of measurement instruments.

The new Horiba range of products replaces the former range, which included the B-212 Twin Compact pH Meter, B-173 Compact Conductivity Meter, C-121 Compact Salt Meter, C-122 Compact Sodium Ion Meter, C-131 Compact Potassium Ion Meter and the B-343 Compact Nitrate Meter.

ES-51 Portable Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity Meter

LAQUA Laboratory Benchtop Meters

LAQUAact D-70/ES-70/OM-70 Series Water Quality Meters

LAQUAtwin Compact Water Quality Meter

OCMA-500 Oil Content Monitor

OM-51 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

SLFA-60 Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser

SLFA-2100 & SLFA-2800 Sulfur-in-Oil Analysers

U-50 Multiparameter Water Quality Checker

W-20XD Series Multiparameter Water Quality System


D-50 Series Handheld Water Quality Meters

OCMA-310 Oil Content Analyser

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