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Firefighting is a highly specialised field which requires high quality equipment. ISG Infrasys is one of the world's top designers and manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras (TICs) for the very purpose of firefighting.

Over twenty years of research, design and development have made ISG Infrasys the world's leading brand in this area and the company has built some of the most advanced and high specification thermal imaging cameras ever built.

ISG Infrasys was originally known as ISG Thermal Systems Ltd when it was founded in 1991 by Charles Humpoletz and Alistair Watson. These two individuals are thermal imaging pioneers who specialise in firefighting.

In 2011, ISG merged with a company from the USA, Infrasys, who are America's leading supplier of thermal imaging cameras to the firefighting industry. The merger of the two companies resulted in the new company name of ISG Infrasys. The collective knowledge and experience of both companies, along with its global presence, has ensured that ISG Infrasys is recognised as the world's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of thermal imaging equipment.

X380 3-Button Thermal Imaging Camera

X380 NFPA Compliant 3-Button Thermal Imaging Camera

X380 5-Button Thermal Imaging Camera

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