LSI LASTEM are an Italian company who specialise in the design and manufacture of high specification environmental monitoring systems.

Instruments that LSI LASTEM have designed are suitable for almost every type of application imaginable. They offer precise and trustworthy measurement of all sorts of environmental parameters. LSI LASTEM equipment is suitable for both for temporary and long-term monitoring plus also for indoor and outdoor use.

As well as the sensors, LSI LASTEM have produced a comprehensive range of data loggers, software and accessories, so users have everything they need.

Two comparable products available are the 3M QT34 and 3M QT36. However, these products cannot perform measurements at three levels. No other products other than LSI LASTEM can perform measurement at three positions, as LSI LASTEM have a wireless solution.

LSI LASTEM comply with the following regulations:

  ISO7243 Estimation of the Heat stress on working man based on WBGT index
  ISO7730 PMV Predicted mean vote
  ISO7730 PPD Predicted % of dissatisfied
  ISO7730 DR Predicted % of dissatisfied by draught
  ISO7730 TO Operative temperature
  ISO 11079 ITR required thermal insulation
  ISO7933:2004PHS Predicted heat strain


  ISO7726 Thermal environments - Instruments and method for measuring physical quantities

Portable "All-in-One" Instruments

Heat Shield Portable Wireless WBGT Meter

Data Loggers

E-Log Environmental Data Logger
M-Log Mini Data Logger
R-Log Radio Data Logger


3DOM Software
GidasADM Odour Dispersion Program
Penman Evapotranspiration
TEA (Thermal Environments Application)


"All-in One" Weather Sensor
Automatic Evaporimeter
Barometric Pressure Sensors
Compact Anemometer
Compact Wind Vane
Masts For Sensors And Data Logger Installation
Rain Gauge
Snow Level Sensor
Soil Temperature Sensors
Standard Anemometers (Direct Output)
Temperature And Relative Humidity Inside Materials
Thermohygrometers (Direct Input & Analogue)
Ultrasonic Anemometer (Digital Output)
Visibility Sensor
Water Level Sensors
Wind Vanes

Indicators and Signals Conditioning Units

CAO Display Units

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