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A family owned manufacturing and distributing company, Orbit International was established back in 1971, complete with facilities based both in the UK and the Far East, which are wholly owned by the company.

Waterpoof and PPE clothing, work and leisurewear has become the specialisation of Orbit International. With a proven track record of quality and innovation, along with far reaching service levels, Orbit International has grown into a market leader.

Orbit International is proud to provide clothing solutions for the most harsh environments, using its partners in both manufacturing and fabric supply, to introduce the latest developments and solutions to the industry.

The products which Orbit International manufacture fall under various recognisable brands:

CIRS - Orbits factory based in the Shandong province in China. Owned by the Orbit International plc group, was set up in 2003 with the sole purpose of manufacturing a broad spectrum of garments exclusively for sale to Orbitís customers across Europe. A great facility that has grown in stature by achieving Gore-Tex approved manufacturing status and a real asset for Orbitís customers, offering an in house solution for both stock and bespoke garments.

GORE-TEX - Orbit are proud to be associated with one of our industries leading suppliers of technical fabrics. Gore-Tex is a name that is recognised for its quality, innovation and wearer comfort, providing the best protection from the elements. When Orbit says Proban thatís exactly what we mean and exactly what you receive. A long established treatment to cotton drill which gives good levels of FR protection in use. So thereís no need to settle for a copy when the real thing is always available from stock.

DALETEC - Another brand leader in the supply of technical FR treated fabrics. Extensively used across the world especially in the vast and challenging oil based industry, which brings up many performance issues due to the nature of the work required from flame protection through to climate and durability issues.

SATRA TECHNOLOGY CENTRE - Probably the most established test house here in the UK. As a member, Orbit take its commitment to the market place seriously and the potential hazards that the UK workforce can encounter. Working with Satra gives us peace of mind that we are meeting their recommendations and the European legislation that controls PPE, we hope that in turn you get the same assurance and comfort.

PANACEA - A brand new trademark which features some great technical garments and fabrics, linked to some of the latest designs. Panacea will grow into a real top specification and industry brand in the coming years.

INSUL8 - Some working situations demand a little more protection from the cold. Insul8 affords the protection required when working in such situations. It does exactly as the name suggests keeping you warm and comfortable in accordance with the relevant standards.

BLACK KNIGHT - A long established brand and registered trademark, still revered in our market place for its consistent high quality and value for money. Used extensively across the products featured in this publication.

HYDRA-VENT - A range of performance fabrics made and tested for Orbitís exclusive use. Hydra vent fabrics are breathable, waterproof and enhance any garments appearance. Available in a vast palette of colours which makes it a favoured choice by many who require a corporate identity.

HYDRA-FLEX - Our exclusive polyurethane coated soft and flexible waterproof fabric, which is made in various outer wear products including both EN471 and GO/RT approved garments. High on comfort and practicality.

HYDRA-POR - A soft handle waterproof breathable fabric tried and tested over many years of use. Still a great choice for outer wear when performance is required at an attractive price without compromise.

HYDRA-GLO - Orbitís high quality approved high visibility tape. Fully conforms to EN471 and offers all the properties the market requires. Durable, tough and great reflective qualities, used extensively and exclusively on our conforming PPE garments.

HYDRA-FLAME - Another highly prized new generation of inherent fire retardant fabrics. Featuring MOD acrylic fibres woven into the finished fabric, giving the garment the protection required without need for treatments or coatings. A viable and cost effective alternative choice.

HYDRA-MATRIX - If there is a requirement for fire retardant, anti static, waterproof outer wear then Hydra-matrix is a perfect solution. Its inherent antistatic grid, FR coating and waterproof nature ensure that it is safe from hazards and the weather. A genuinely versatile offering that also conforms to EN471 and GO/RT.

FASTRACK - Leisure wear thatís practical in use and always smart in appearance and already established with many customers as the brand of choice for embellishments and enhancements like corporate identity embroidery or promotional campaigns. Consistent colours offer a great solution to one off orders or ongoing contracts.

BEAVER - We all know the qualities that Beavers are renowned for, hardworking and industrious. Our beaver branded safety footwear is exactly that. Gone are the days of basic black boots that are uncomfortable to wear. Beaver adds style and comfort to those hardworking and performance characteristics.

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