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Roger Parker formed Partech (Electronics) Limited after becoming disillusioned with working on the aerospace industry over forty years ago. Originally based in Hertfordshire, Partech designed and manufactured a range of electronic products that covered a wide market.

Collaboration with the Water Pollution Research Laboratory (WPRL), meant that Partech would share the design, development and production of an instrument to measure water quality. This was the beginning of Partech's involvement in the waste water market, which has progressed into being one of Partech's core business areas to this very day.

A town in Cornwall called St Austell became the next home of Partech in 1969, with Roger Parker deciding to move to the area, taking the company with him. After moving around the town to several new locations, Partech Instruments finally moved into its current premises in 1988.

By this time, Partech Instruments had constructed an enviable reputation with many customers, especially water utilities, becoming an established brand in the water and wastewater industry. In the late 1980s, the privatisation of these water utility companies, proved to be of huge benefit to Partech Instruments.

Partech hold numerous 'firsts' in this industry for their product development. The first automatic sludge blanket monitor was developed in the late 1970s, providing an analogue output proportional to the depth of the sludge blanket. This very same technology is still used today, even in applications where modern Sonar type systems also offered by Partech cannot operate.

The 1980s saw a requirement to reduce the amount of labour on treatment plants. This led to Partech developing Turbi-Tech self cleaning sensors. Today, this product has been evolved into the Turbi-Tech 2000, a market leader in this field.

Sadly at the end of 1999, the Partech Instruments founder Roger Parker passed away after suffering a heart attack, following a period of ill health. The following year, a management buy out of the company was undertaken by the company directors.

The excellent name of Partech Instruments continues to this very day, and still adds to its enviable reputation by providing customers with a very high service standard, which is perceived as among the best in the industry.

Since over forty years ago, Partech Instruments has built an excellent reputation for the quality of its products, along with the excellent service it provides. This has resulted in Partech enjoying a name second to none, in the wastewater field.


ASLD 2200 Sludge Blanket Level Detector
715 Portable Sludge Blanket Detector
740 Portable Suspended Solids Monitor
7200 Suspended Solids, Turbidity and Sludge Density Monitor
8100 Monitor for Sludge Blanket Detection
8200 Monitor for Sludge Blanket Detection


IL55BV2 Sludge Density Sensor
Infra-Red Sensors
Soli-Tech 10 Sensor
Soli-Tech 20 Sensor
Turbi-Tech 2000HR Suspended Solids Sensor
Turbi-Tech 2000LA Suspended Solids Sensor

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