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A trusted and established manufacturer of noise/sound measurements instruments, Pulsar Instruments has over forty years of experience.

These noise measurement tools can be used to monitor the level of noise in industrial areas and public places, to make sure that the noise is within the range of parameters set by health and safety regulations.

The Pulsar Instruments range of products are suitable for a wide range of applications from reading-taking in small spaces to keeping track of noise in areas where the level of noise is regularly changing. These tools can be used by people who work in the areas of heavy industry, emergency services, offices and shipping.

All products manufactured by Pulsar Instruments is manufactured within Europe and complies with the various international standards for acoustic noise measurement. Pulsar Instruments are universally known for the manufacture of user friendly equipment, along with complete test kits including software, to assist the busy professional to measure noise and analyse the results efficiently and effectively.

Sound Level Meters

Model 14 Digital Sound Level Meter
Model 30 Real Time Analyser & Sound Level Meter
Models 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 Nova Sound Level Meters
Models 50 & 70 Series Digital Sound Level Meters
Model 80 Assessor Series Overview
Models 81A & 82A Assessor Sound Level Meters
Models 81CA & 82CA Assessor Sound Level Meters
Models 83 & 84 Assessor Sound Level Meters
Models 91 & 92 Quantifier Sound Level Meters
Models 93 & 94 Quantifier Sound Level Meters
Models 95 & 96 Quantifier Sound Level Meters
Models 105 & 106 Acoustic Calibrators

doseBadge Systems

Model 22 doseBadge Systems

Noise Activated Warning Signs

SafeEar Noise Activated Warning Sign

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