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Radiodetection is an international company, covering multiple areas of technology, all resulting in making your next construction project safer, quicker and more economical.

The company was founded in 1970 and has since grown into a vastly successful company, with operations not just in the United Kingdom, but all over the world.

Utility companies around the world rely on the Cable Avoidance Tools (C.A.Ts) manufactured by Radiodetection in order to prevent damage to services underground, whilst they are excavating. The use of trenchless products enable companies who are laying pipes to direct the drill accurately, which speeds up the installation.

The use of Radiodetection's instruments means that operators can locate any problems or issues before they unfold, such as breaks in piping or deteriorating insulation. Likewise, down-hole inspection instruments, manufactured by Radiodetection, enable utility companies to use the latest digital CCTV technology to inspect and maintain sewer and other pipes, on a regular basis, without needing to dig up the whole area.

Throughout Radiodetection's existence, commitment to the customer has been a core focus. This has enabled the company to produce instruments that have become an essential part of utility worker's and contractor's toolkit.

The Radiodetection company is ISO 9001 accredited. All of the product range have been designed and manufactured to the highest standard.

Precision Locate

RD1000 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
RD1000+ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
RD5000 WL Pipe and Cable Locator
RD7000+ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
RD8000 Pipe and Cable Locator

Cable Avoidance

C.A.T4 and Genny4
RD2000 SuperC.A.T
RD312 Metal Cover Locator
RD316 Magnetic Locator

Pipeline Integrity

PCM+ Pipeline Current Mapper
RD385 System

Water Leak Detection

RD500 Plastic Water Pipe Locator
RD521 Noise Logging System
RD533 Leak Noise Correlator
RD542 Handheld Leak Detector
RD545 Acoustic Leak Detector
RD560 Leak Locator (Tracer Gas)


Pearpoint GatorCam4 System
Pearpoint P340 Flexiprobe Pushrod Inspection System
Pearpoint P350 Flexitrax System
Pearpoint P374 Intrinsically Safe Color Video Inspection System
Pearpoint P571 Ex Flexicoiler
Riser Bond Model 1550 Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer Cable Fault Locator


C.A.T3 (Cable Avoidance Tool)
RD7000 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

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