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Southern Scientific

An international company, Southern Scientific is a manufacturer of radiation detection equipment.

All of the design of the radiation equipment takes place in the United Kingdom by a highly experienced team of engineers, with knowledge gained from the radiation detection industry for over thirty years.

The types of customer that Southern Scientific design instruments for include nuclear industry, hospitals, research facilities and defence companies.

Southern Scientific is fully ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485 certified, which ensures that the company keep to the most stringent and consistent quality control procedures in the design and production of all of their instruments.

Some of the customers who Southern Scientific have produced equipment for include the M.O.D., AWE, Home Office Nuclear Power Stations, British Energy, BNFL Magnox and Scottish Nuclear.

Handhound Hands-Free Hand Contamination Monitor

Nemo Nuclear Event Monitor

Radhound Multi-purpose Digital Radiation Meter

Radhound X/E Hand Held Advanced Digital Radiation Monitor

SSL/NPL FIDELIS Radionuclide Calibrator

Wilma On-Line Water Monitoring System

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