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Within the industry of building services, there are a vast number of different applications that require the detection of gas, and therefore require gas detection equipment.

From the most basic small system for boiler room flammable gas leaks to the larger systems that monitor the toxic gases found in underground car parks, it is vital to gain an understanding of the application and then choose the most appropriate equipment.

The range of products manufactured by Zareba feature equipment covering both flammable and toxic gases, including the detectors, transmitters and controllers. These can all be integrated within each other in order to meet specific customer applications. Zabreba's regular platform design used throughout the range makes the specification, installation and operation far simpler, as well as for maintenance purposes.

In the datasheet below, we show some common applications that customers require and the type of systems we create for them. We have over 40 years of experience in the design and specification of these products and we will be very happy to help you select the right type of gas detector for your application.

For a Zareba System Overview please see the datasheet below:

Zareba System Overview

705 HT Sensor
FS20X Fire and Flame Detector
FS24X Flame Detector
Satellite XT
Searchline Excel
Searchpoint Optima Plus
Sensepoint XCD
Series 3000 MkII and MkIII
Signalpoint Pro
SPM Single Point Monitor
SS2 UV/IR Flame Detector
SS4 UV and UV/IR Flame Detectors
System 57
Touchpoint 1
Touchpoint 4
XNX Universal Transmitter


SS3 UV and UV/IR Flame Detectors

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