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Zellweger Technologies develops and manufacturers gas detection instrumentation to protect personnel and facilities around the world. Reliable, technology-driven instruments provide cost-effective solutions to all your gas detection needs.

As World leaders in gas detection solutions, our Zellweger range is best placed to provide the most efficient, practical and cost-effective equipment.

Wherever personal protection is required, you can rely on our equipment to provide practical solutions and to help keep your business running safely.

Impulse Range - The Impulse range provides personal single and multi gas protection and operational compliance in industrial environments. They are ideal for people working in areas that are not easily accessible and/or where fixed detection systems are not installed or not practical.

Impact Range - Impact and Impact Pro are ideal for providing personal protection against gases in tough environments, especially in confined spaces where entry and exit may be difficult. The Impact range provides easy and economical means of personal gas detection to meet compliance requirements. The Safelink Entrant/Attendant function ensures safe working practices are followed.

Multi Gas Detectors

Impact/Impact Pro

Impact IR


Impulse X4

Impulse XP

Impulse XT

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