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The leading brand of flawless simulation of chemical, biological and physical environmental conditions is undoubtedly Binder Ovens. The Binder oven and chamber range comprehensively covers all types of routine applications and also highly technical and specific tasks, taking pride in providing unique precision in both areas.

Many of the technological advances made in temperature chambers on an international basis can trace their routes back to Binder ovens and chambers. Binder Ovens hold many patents for this technology and the Binder customer list boasts some of the most well known companies in over 100 different counties.

The hallmark of all Binder Ovens products is the maintaining of the highest standards in both the research into product techniques and the product development. Also, Binder take great pride and care in the manufacturing process and quality assurance.

Key products in the Binder range include the Binder ovens and Binder incubators.

Binder Ovens always focus on what they do best with their product range. This is not limited to, but includes:

  Process technology
  Climatic simulation technology
  Vacuum technology
  Measurement and control technology
  Software solutions
  Lighting technology


CO2 Incubators

ULT Freezers

Heating Ovens

Material Test Chambers

Safety Drying Ovens

Vacuum Drying Ovens

Environmental Test Chambers

Constant Climate Chambers

Plant Growth Chambers

Binder Incubators

B 28 Incubator
BD Incubators
BF Incubators
KB Incubators

Binder CO2 Incubators

C 150 CO2 Incubator
CB CO2 Incubators

Binder ULT Freezers

UF Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Binder Heating Ovens

E 28 Drying Oven
ED Drying Ovens
FD Drying Ovens
FED Heating Chambers

Binder Material Test Chambers

FP Temperature Test Chambers
M Series Material Test Chambers

Binder Safety Drying Ovens

FDL 115 Safety Drying Oven
MDL 115 Safety Drying Oven

Binder Vacuum Drying Ovens

VD Vacuum Drying Ovens
VDL Vacuum Drying Ovens
VDL EX Vacuum Drying Ovens

Binder Environmental Test Chambers

MK Environmental Test Chambers
MKF Environmental Test Chambers
MKT 240 Environmental Test Chamber
KMF 240 Environmental Test Chamber

Binder Constant Climate Chambers

KBF Constant Climate Chambers
KBF ICH Constant Climate Chambers
KBF LQC Constant Climate Chambers

Binder Plant Growth Chambers

KBW Plant Growth Chambers
KBWF Plant Growth Chambers

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