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Kingsmill Industries are a leading manufacturer of earthing and lightning protection equipment around the world.

You can be assured that all Kingsmill Industries products meet the stringent standards, set by the British and also internationally, such as BS6651, BS7430 and UL467. Plus, Kingsmill Industries has achieved the UK government's ISO9002 National Accreditation, which recognises the high quality of the management and products of Kingsmill Industries.

Products that can be found in the Kingsmill Industries range include earthing soil conditioning agents, inspection puts, earthing plates, earth rod clamps, earth points, earth bars, clips, clamps, junction clamps, air termination, static control and many more.

Air Termination

Bonded Connections


Compression Connectors

Conductor Network


Earth Bars


Earthing Plates & Mats

Earth Points

Earth Rod Clamps

Earth Rod Seals

Fasteners & Fixings

Inspection Pits

Lightning Protection Accessories

Soil Conditioning Agent

Static Connections

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