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Specac is a company which is justifiably proud of the company's long-established pedigree in designing and manufacturing accurate and reliable IR and FTIR sample handling accessories around the world. Specac's customer base includes academic, industrial and research institutions worldwide. Specac is proud of it's market position of being the source for which spectroscopists around the globe have depended continually upon, when it comes to keeping ahead of the changing requirements of their industry.

The reason for Specac's continual growth and change over the past years has been their total commitment to meeting the needs of their customers. This has given the company the leading edge, when it comes to providing solutions for infrared spectroscopy, in an ever changing world.

Specac's origins can be traced back to 1954, when Dr Tadio found Research & Industrial Instruments. The company was launched to cover the market for sample handling devices. The following year, Dr Tadio joined forces with with Terry Horsley, Harry Merralls and Stan Ranson. The company then began to grow quickly. In 1965, Bernard Hawker also joined the organisation.

1968 saw Research & Industrial Instruments acquired by Beckman Instruments. However, in 1970, Beckman relocated to Scotland, allowing Bernard Hawker and Stan Ranson to form their own company in 1971, called Spectroscopic Accessories, specialising in the manufacture of graphite disks. 1971 saw Terry Horsley and Harry Merralls join this new company, which saw the company known as Analytical Accessories Ltd. The product range grew and soon incorporated infrared accessories, optical components and mounts, HPLC valves, and far infrared instruments.

The Specac name originates from a shipping agent deciding that Spectroscopic Accessories Company was too long and therefore shortening it.

Automatic Hydraulic Press (8, 15 and 25 Ton)

Automatic Hydraulic Press (40 Ton)

Manual Hydraulic Press (15 and 25 Ton)

Power Hydraulic Press (8, 15 and 25 Ton)

Press Accessories

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